When I started working on bikes, I wanted to have a blog to record my progress and share with friends. Holme Valley Customs was the name I chose, with no intention of starting a business.

While I was working on my first bike (Yamaha XS650) I came across certain items that I either couldn't make, or couldn't find to buy in the UK. Take the tapped bungs for example - the only way to make them yourself is if you have a lathe. And if you look online to buy them, you will find them very hard to locate in the UK. There are some large companies in the USA that produce them fairly cheaply however, and so I wondered if it would be possible to make them over here.

My day job is as a Design Engineer, and so I have the know-how to produce technical drawings for manufacture. I came up with designs that I wanted to make, and sent out for quotes. Long story short they are now available to buy from my store!

The M8 bungs were the first thing I produced, and since then I have grown the business organically to include many more components. If you have any new ideas, or want something different - get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate.

All components are designed and manufactured in England.

Get cracking on those builds!!


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